How to Be a Part of the Pro-Life Movement with What You Have

If you are feeling broken-hearted this morning about what our country has become in terms of how we value life after the passing of the NY Bill, I wanted to share some ways you can get involved. I know that not everyone has the capacity to foster or the financial means to adopt at this current time. Maybe you will later or maybe you’re called to contribute in a different way.

Here’s a list of things you can do & places you can give. 

1. Give financially 

– on a local level, these are my favorite ministries in DFW:

Mercy House

Embrace Grace

Both of these organizations love both the mama & the baby well. Check out their individual websites for more information.

-give directly to the families who are fostering or adopting as they tackle new expenses from expanding their families for food, healthcare costs, cost of living, etc.

-ask about contributing to assisting in paying medical bills if there are some for both the mama and/or the adopting & fostering families

-help coordinate or throw a baby shower for the mama (embrace grace can help you facilitate this or show you how to be a part of one already happening!)

-gift cards for meals, groceries, clothing, toys, baby gear, etc.

2. Give your talents/giftings/time

– are you handy? Contact your church or neighboring organization & see if there are any single mamas who might need some work done around their house or any of the homes that house single mothers & babies

– offer childcare to a mama who chose life for her baby amidst a crisis pregnancy as she tries to get herself back to work to support her child.

– have you walked through this or something similarly? Offer your friendship, your time, & your wisdom

– are you in the medical field? If you can, offer free or discounted prenatal care (SO many of my midwife friends & an NP friend do this), delivery, &/or postpartum assistance to these mamas if they desire it.

-do you know someone who recently had an abortion? Call her. Love on her. Show her the love of Christ.

-if you have a friend fostering, call her & ask what her needs are. A friend of mine who fosters told me today that offering to help with doctors appointments, getting fingerprinted for childcare assistance, etc. are all ways to help a fostering family feel supported!

3. Donate new/like new/gently used items to the mothers and babies. If it’s in bad shape, just toss it. We want these mamas & babies to know they’re loved & seen. We want them to have the things that we would also want. Let’s give them our very best & not just the things we throw out. 

4. Write a card or letter of encouragement to the newly pregnant or postpartum mama or to a father who is also struggling. That costs nothing & can mean so very much. 

5. Inquire about starting a local Embrace Grace chapter in your church or area. If not able to do so, join one that already exists.

6. March in the Marches locally to you or head to DC for the big one. It catches people’s eyes and hearts. It gets the conversation going. Legislators notice. I had some AMAZING convos with Lyft drivers about abortion when I was in DC. It just starts with planting a seed LOVINGLY. You’d be surprised how very ignorant & misinformed many people are on the topic!

7. Write to your congresspeople & senators about your concerns & your desires. Continue writing over and over until you get a response. This is my next, personal step. I wanted to write to the Texas government leadership about how I disagreed with their cutting of Medicaid funds & how that negatively impacts single women who have chosen life for their babies.

8. If you know a mother who is in a crisis pregnancy & considering an abortion and you’re in the DFW area, aside from the ministries mentioned above, you can encourage her to check out these organizations as well who can help her get on her feet during pregnancy, postpartum, & beyond. So thankful for places like these!

Metroplex Women’s Clinic!

Metroplex provides free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, lab work, prenatal & postpartum counseling, classes ranging from pregnancy & childbirth to breastfeeding to parenting to mentorship programs. They also have resources available for the dads as well. They do not refer out for abortions but they do go over every type of procedure with the mother as to give fully informed care. They are eliminating many reasons that many women may choose to have an abortion.

Arlington Pregnancy, Education, & Parenting Program

If you know of a soon to be teen mom who lives in the Arlington area, they have a special program designed to help their teen mothers succeed after their babies have been born. They provide assistance during the pregnancy, delivery, & even help with childcare postpartum.

Amira’s House

from their website: “Amira’s House is a nonprofit privately funded Christian organization that provides housing and comprehensive program services for expectant teen moms from pregnancy through the newborn stage. The purpose of our ministry is to provide a safe family environment enriched with opportunities that help our clients overcome the past, embrace the present and prepare for the future.”

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center

Provides free pregnancy tests, lab work, ultrasounds, classes/workshops, counseling. They do not recommend or refer for abortions but also go over each abortion procedure so that the mother knows the risks and can give fully informed choice.


Care-Net is not just local to DFW. They can point you to free resources & pregnancy centers based on your location & needs!

9. Other organizations you can be involved HERE

10. PRAY. So many times this is considering not “Doing” something. But it is an action. Intentional prayer changes things. Set aside time to pray & fast.

11. If you can foster or adopt, do so. Since we’ve been married, it’s been our dream to adopt. It’s in our near future & we’re excited at the opportunity to expand our family via adoption & to show the love of Christ to a precious child & their brave mama & daddy.


I know this is just a small list but I wanted to have it all compiled together so that if you felt unsure about how you can help, you’d be able to see that not one person can meet every need. We need everyone, together, working with what they have to meet the needs of these mothers, babies, & fathers, & to love them all well. If you can think of anything additional to add to the list or if you’re in a different area & know of additional resources, please comment below for others to see!


love love love <3

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