New Year Resolutions for 2019

Each year, right around Thanksgiving until the end of the year, I get extremely reflective. I start thinking of all the things that went well or went wrong, what worked for the year, what I’d like to change for the following, & I think deeply on how I can improve myself.

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My thoughts on 2018:

It was one of my favorite years by far. It was more challenging than I could ever imagine but it was one of extreme growth & countless joys. We are finally out of survival mode with our kids & moving into a routine. My oldest went to Kindergarten & that was a huge life change for all of us, in a great way. I feel like it gave us so much structure to our day & even more, our whole life. We took some amazing trips, most notably, Boston, which is my favorite US city aside from NYC. (I still need to finish my blog post about it!) I learned to let go of some things that needed to be released. I said no to things I did not want to do & stepped out in faith for some things that I wanted to do.

I’m going to have a couple of “words” this year. My word for 2018 was “simplify.” I did that I many aspects & it was a great word for me to focus on last year. This year, my word is going to be “contentment” closely followed by “intentional.” I’d like to find contentment in what the Lord has called me to & not in comparison to what others have or do. I’d like to be content with the things I have vs what I don’t, who I am vs who I’m not, etc. Intentionality is important to me and always has been BUT it’s been something I haven’t been as intentional (see how I did that) about being in the last few years since I was juggling all the kiddos + marriage + duties around the house + community + a job.

I thought I’d share my resolutions with yall here. I don’t know why, but maybe if I share them publicly, it’ll hold me more accountable to them. I try not to put too much pressure on myself & to set goals that are attainable. I think it’s good & healthy to try & improve yourself & the space around you. So here goes nothin..


  1. Write more on my blog- I was HORRIBLE at this last year. I honestly just didn’t feel like I had the capacity to do it. I’m going to try harder this year to commit more to actually writing on the blog in addition to Instagram.
  2. Continue to rest more & say no to things that I don’t have time for- I did do this fairly well last year & it was one of my resolutions from 2018. In many years past, I glorified busyness & I was EXHAUSTED. I couldn’t full enjoy the things I wanted to say “Yes” to when I said Yes to everything. I definitely did better on that this year but can always do better!
  3. Spend less time on social media & more time engaging with the fam.
  4. Stop cussing so casually. Did you gasp when you read that because you know I love Jesus? I don’t like the way it sounds coming out of my mouth & I don’t want my children repeating it. I never used to cuss but I do it so casually now that it just bothers me because it’s just not who I want to be nor who I am. I want my words to bring life to the people around me & I don’t think it glorifies the Lord. As satisfying as a perfectly placed F bomb can feel, that’s just not what I want to put out there anymore & not who I want to portray. Plus, I’d just DIE if one of my kids said one. they already repeat my road rage! Not to mention that the Bible says it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. I need to get my attitude under control & then hopefully my mouth will follow suit.
  5. Lose this 15 lbs of baby weight I’m still holding onto. Ideally, I’d like to do this by summer but let’s not get crazy. I’m not a dieter but I do work out & I need to eat cleaner but still leave room to enjoy my other loves like red wine & Trader Joes chocolate peanut butter cups. I start the Faster Way to Fat Loss program on 01/21 so we will see!
  6. Make more intentional convo/date nights with my husband. You may think… well, duh. Let me tell you, with a husband who works + 3 kids + my mental state at the end of the day… sometimes intentional convos are not had for several days. I don’t like when that happens so I’d really like to turn the TV off early & just chat for a little bit. We’ll see how he feels about that, haha! And of course, the date nights. They don’t happen as often as we’d like & I’d like to change that. Even if we stay home & have wine & sit around & just hang, as long as it’s set aside time.
  7. Shop less, save more. You’re thinking… Okay, you’re a fashion blogger. Isn’t that what you do? Well, yes. But here’s the thing, I need to be realistic. I’m not dressing up in full hair, makeup, & outfits every single day. I’m a mom of 3. I live in casual clothes & Zella leggings. So instead of heading to LOFT every time they have a major sale & spending $200, I need to be intentional about the pieces I buy that make sense for ME & that are realistic for my wardrobe & my budget. Buy less fancy pieces & stick with a few staples. Try to wear more of what’s already in my closet & give ya’ll inspiration from there. I don’t even want to know how much I spent on clothes last year. It’s shameful.
  8. Learn to really cook. I’m a foodie & always have been, but I’ve never been a good cook. I LOVE Food Network. I watch it everyday, buy the magazines, try new recipes off the app, but I’d really love for my husband & I to explore the creativity of cooking & flavors. My kids love to cook with me so it would be something the whole family could enjoy.
  9. Look more like Jesus than I did last year. I want people to see Him in me more. I want to know Him more. I want to see His hand & come into His presence more. I want to listen more. I want to serve more. Speak things that I feel like the Lord is speaking to me. At the end of it all, I want to be more like Him & that’s truly all I could hope for at the end of the year and at the end of my life. It’s a goal worth striving for everyday & one that I fall so incredibly short of every single day.


I hope some of those resonate with you & inspire you to make attainable goals. I used to be such a cynic & be like “I’M NOT MAKING RESOLUTIONS BECAUSE IT’S SO TRENDY & I’M HOLDING MYSELF TO AN IMPOSSIBLE STANDARD.” But now I realize I just wasn’t dreaming the right dreams or setting the appropriate goals for my season of life. I’m excited for what’s in store this year & can’t wait to come back to this space in 2020 & see what all was accomplished over the next 12 months.

Blessings on you for 2019, my friends!




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