New Site, Who Dis?

YAY! Welcome to my new website! I am so excited! My website creator, Daniel Zappia, has been hard at work & has had to put up with me during these last several weeks, HA! But, it’s here & I couldn’t be more thrilled & thankful.

blogger, texas blogger, dfw blogger, style blogger, fashion blogger, lifestyle bloggerIt’s been a really refreshing few weeks as I’ve taken time to really consider what I want my blog to be about. It’s a really hard balance to find in the blogging & internet world- how do I be fully myself yet also market myself to make myself more desirable & interesting? How can I post the things that stir my heart while also being wise about what I’m sharing as far as protecting my kids & my family.

In this time, I’ve really thought a lot about what I want to post & what I want to keep just for me. I’ve tried to listen to the Holy Spirit & really ground myself in who God says I am. My instagram is more based on fashion & that’s where I want it to stay. My blog however, will be more than that. I want it to be based on fashion, but also motherhood, marriage, friendship, & certain issues that both excite & grieve my heart. When I felt the Lord calling me to blog, I knew it would be more than just fashion, but I have struggled with putting my thoughts & opinions out there for the world to read. But, I have to be faithful to what the Lord is speaking to me & what I feel He wants to say through me. I may not always say things that you agree with, but my hope is that you’ll know that my heart is 100% pure in what I share. I aim to always be genuine & authentic with you, which means I may not always get things right.


dfw blogger, dallas blogger, texas blogger, style blogger, fashion blogger

Saying that, I have some posts brewing in my head. I’m excited to see where this blog leads & I am so thankful for all of you who are encouraging me & championing me on as I blaze a new trail! A HUGE thank you to all of you who read my posts, shop my links, interact & engage on my Instagram posts, & who give me reasons to continue to come back to this space. I am so very appreciative & I do not take it for granted.

I hope you’ll stick around! Make sure you subscribe so that you can stay up to date with all of my recent posts. I promise not to flood your inboxes! Thank you again for all your sweet words & for all your love & support.


xo, Mal

2 thoughts on “New Site, Who Dis?”

  1. There have been times when major world changes have shaken society up and brought out so much ugly. Where I struggle to gracefully express myself about how I feel on my social media pages, I see that you have posted so mindfully and beautifuly on sinsitve topics that are not usually expressed in that manor, and found a way to gracefully put into words, what so many of us are feeling. I have no doubt that your blog will do well! And that it will serve the purpose God intends it to.

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