My Faster Way to Fat Loss Journey

As many of you know, for the last 6 weeks I have been doing a program called Faster Way to Fat Loss. I’ve gotten so many questions about it so I wanted to share with ya’ll all of the information, what I’ve learned, & my progress so far. Let me preface all this with saying that I have been active & naturally on the thinner side, with an athletic build for my entire life. I used to run quite a bit & then after having my second child, I got into the best shape of my life. Once I had baby #3, the weight just did not come off on it’s own like it had before. I’m comfortable around 130lbs & at Christmas 2018, I weighed 153lbs. I’m petite by nature & that much weight did not complement my body well. I felt sluggish & tired. I was doing 45 minutes of cardio with some light weights 3-5 days a week and not seeing any noticeable results. I’m a foodie & a horrible dieter. Always have been. I saw a fellow blogger share about this program & I knew I wanted to try it. My husband was hesitant to invest in it because he knows how horribly I’ve committed to other programs in the past, but I was more determined to get in shape than I’d ever been so I think he took pity on me, haha!

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What Faster Way to Fast Loss is & is not:

It’s NOT... a diet, a quick fix, something you can commit to on/off, a decrease in calories & food intake

It IS… a lifestyle change, a mindset change, eating the right foods at the right times, targeted workouts for people of all skill levels whether at gym or at home, a community. The coaches do their very best to set you up for success, especially during your prep week as you gear up to start the 6 weeks. If you want results, you’ll see them. If you’re committed & do the work, you’ll see the changes.

This program consists of intermittent fasting, carb cycling, counting macros, & targeted workouts that help to optimize your results for your specific body type. Everyone’s macro count will be different depending on your goals & on your personal health information. The coaches make it so easy for you right off the bat. My coach, Allie Janszen, is AMAZING. I couldn’t have done it without her, truly. She was available for all my questions that I had throughout the program & encouraged me along the way.

I fast from 7pm to 11am & eat from 11am-7pm daily. You can manage that however fits your lifestyle but you will fast for 16 hours & eat for 8. That’s everyday with the exception for the couple 24 hour fast days at the very end of the program. (If you are pregnant or nursing, you will not do the 24 hour fast!)

Before I share my results & stats with you from round 1, I wanted to share some of my favorite foods as that’s probably one of the questions I get asked the most! I’m going to try to break it down for you by types of days so that it might help you plan your meals accordingly if that’s something you’re needing help with.


A. Low Carb Day

These are my favorite days because I love the challenge!

-I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have these bison & chicken jerky bars in my purse or in my pantry so that I can grab them on my way out the door if I need something. It keeps me from grabbing chips or something & they’re full of clean ingredients, good protein, & good fats! I buy a big box off of amazon.

Bison, cranberry, bacon (my fave!)

Beef, apple, bacon

Chicken Sriracha

Beef, habanero, cherry

Variety pack (if you like more “gamey” meats, this would be a great one for you! Think venison, wild boar, lamb, etc)

-Anything that I would normally use bread for, I use romaine lettuce hearts or iceberg lettuce instead. They are low carb & so delicious! I’ve done numerous things with them like tuna salad, chicken salad, taco salad, etc.

-Tuna salad: whatever canned or pouched or fresh tuna you’d like, mix in Primal Kitchen avocado mayo (I get mine at Costco or Kroger), whole grain mustard, & an avocado! SO much protein & healthy fat! (You can do this with chicken as well! I buy the pre-made chicken salad from Trader Joes often as well), lay inside a romaine lettuce heart & top with whatever else you want!

-Taco salad: so easy & delicious! I usually do mine with salsa & frozen chicken in a crockpot. Just put your frozen chicken inside & pour whatever salsa you want on top & cook on high for around 5 hours. You can do this with ground beef as well! Then put guacamole or fresh avocado inside a romaine heart, add your beef, salsa, greek yogurt or sour cream, beans if you want them, fajita type veggies if you want, & then more salsa or cheese! This is one of our favorite meals!

-Mixed nuts: I ALWAYS have these in my car, purse, & pantry. My favorite are pistachios, almonds, & macadamia nuts. I buy mine at Trader Joes.

-Peanut butter: I use JIF Creamy Natural. Lots of good fat & some protein

-Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic dressing: vegan & delicious!! Lots of good fat & no carbs! I put it on everything!!

-Arugula: my favorite green! I will make a salad the next day with whatever meat I have leftover from the night before


I keep regular macro days very simple. I try to eat a protein, a green veggie, & a starchy veggie at every meal. I’m not a big fruit person overall but these are the days I eat fruit or my favorite, a gluten free oatmeal cranberry cookie from Trader Joes 🙂

Some staples I always have on hand:

  • frozen jasmine or brown rice in a bag from Trader Joes
  • frozen salmon or tuna burgers (also Trader Joes)
  • sweet potato ribbons (TJs) I make a killer hash with these!
  • riced broccoli (TJ’s)
  • lean ground beef
  • frozen chicken breasts
  • rice cakes
  • dark chocolate peanut butter cups (TJs)
  • Beet, orange, apple juice from Central Market (SO GOOD)
  • dark chocolate covered frozen strawberries or bananas (TJs)

I don’t get super crazy with these days! The more complicated my meals get, the more frustrated I get, so I just do what comes easily for me & for my families needs & preferences. You can tweak that to what works for you!

C. Low Macro Days

Lower macro days are the most difficult for me, I think. Sometimes it can be a hard balance to go somewhere in between low carb & regular macro. Like regular macro days, I try to keep it simple. Nothing overwhelming or too terribly difficult. Just make sure to keep track in MFP because those macros will sneak up on you in the most random of foods that you wouldn’t expect!

Other products that I love that you may find useful & yummy:

-Broccoli Kale Slaw (TJs) high in carbs but good for RM days! add chicken to it & voila!

-Protein powder: these will getcha so make sure you have one that’s clean. Here is the one I use & love that is clean with low carbs, vegan, etc:

-Collagen Powder: SO important & especially helpful in getting you that added protein on low carb days! I use this in my morning coffee! 10-20g of protein depending on your serving. It dissolves easily & is tasteless. I use VITAL PROTEINS

-SmartWater: this is my favorite bottled water. I buy big packs from Kroger! I love that it has electrolytes & I absolutely love the taste! It’s a little pricey but it’s one of the only ways I will drink water! I also love adding lime and mint to my water!

Hopefully that gives you a good starting point! It really doesn’t have to be hard. Give yourself some grace once you first start. It’ll take some getting used to, as it does for all of us!


The workouts are AMAZING. I love that I don’t get bored with them because there is something different everyday & every week. I was pushed HARD with these workouts & I’m so grateful! The workouts can be done at home or at the gym & there is also a beginners option if you’re not used to working out this consistently just yet! So, don’t be discouraged! There is something for everyone!

Okay, now for my results! Many of you have seen these already, but for those of you who have not, know that I’m not sharing to brag. I’m sharing because this program changed my life & I am a healthier version of me: physically & mentally, because I said YES to something hard & challenging & I committed to it. If you’re ready to commit & to do the work, it can do the same for you. It won’t be easy, but like most amazing things, it’ll be worth it!


BEFORE- 01/21/19 (everything in inches!)


Stomach- 35

Hips- 37

Bust- 37.5

Thigh- 22

Calf- 14.5

Bicep- 11/11.25 (unflexed/flexed)

AFTER- 03/09/19

136.6 lbs

Stomach: 31 (-4 in)

Hips: 34.5 (-2.5 in)

Bust: 36.5 (-1.5 in)

Thigh: 20.5 (-1.5 in)

Calf: 13.5 (-1.5in)

Bicep: 10/11 (loss of 1.25)

That’s a total loss of 16.25 inches & 13.4 lbs! Can ya’ll believe that! I think you will see from my progress photos that this program is absolutely incredible. Not only do I have the physical results, but overall, I feel so different about myself & my body. This program is worth every penny & I cannot wait to do it again!


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  1. Thank you Thank you for creating this list! You motivated me to join with Allie as well so I started Prep Week today!! I’m actually trying to do all the eating correctly & working out starting this week and had a mini breakdown yesterday over the eating portion. I’ve never counted any sort of calories, fat, carbs, anything ever before, so the eating portion is so overwhelming to me! And since I’m a busy mom of 2 young boys, I need some easy stuff I can work with. So this list is a life-saver!

  2. This was so helpful!! Thank you. I was wondering how do you use the protein powder? Do you add it to smoothies or to another beverage?

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